Peter j. favaro, ph.d.

helping divorced people by marrying psychology and technology

Peter had been fiddling with computers for more than twenty five years, always looking for a match between people and technology. His passion for hardware and software design began in graduate school when he was a video game designer for Activision, Inc., as a means of working his way through school. His Masters and Doctoral research looked at various aspects of aggression and transfer of training as these topics related to video games. This was all in the early 1980's when technology was in its infancy.

While technology was developing, Peter developed a large private practice with children and teens -- the gadgets and the benefits from operating in a high tech world became an easy common ground for discussion between Peter and the kdis who came to see them. To help parents, Peter began writing textbooks and consumer books (a dozen all together) on parenting, conflict resolution, anger management and divorced parenting and various other topics involving children, and a wide range of other topics. His last two books were Anger Management: Six Critical Steps to a Calmer Life (Career Press, 2006) and Smart Parenting During and After Divorce: The Essential Guide to Making Divorce Easier on Your Child (McGraw-Hill, 2009). Perter is a frequently sought after media personality, and was a regular contributing expert to The Montel Williams Show as well as The Fox Morning Show.

Peter has an active practice as a court appointed mental health service provider for more than twenty years. He has been assigned to more than six thousand cases over his career including custody evaluations, anger management education, parenting education, family therapy, supervised visitation, therapuetic visitation and family reconciliation (re-uniting parents and children who have become estranged during and after divorce).

Peter's current interest is in developing collaborative technology to assist dysfunctional co-parents de-escalate their conflicts and better manage their children. It is Peter's belief that online collaboration works as well or better than face to face communication because it solves problems in a more practical way. In particular Peter believes that online collaboration removes a lot of the hostile and insulting cues that creep into face-to-face communication. Also, internet collaboration allow communication to me moderated. A qualified and well trained moderator can efficiently act as a conduit to pass information bacl and forth between the parties. This can be especially helpful when people have orders of protection which prohibit them from being in the same place at the same time. Moderated communication also permits the moderator to model and teach more civilized communication to clients. Finally, structured online communications and interventions can lead us to finally taking up the task of proving that some kinds of psychological interventions are both cost-effective and just plain effective.

Peter was one of the first professionals invited to receive State sponsored training in parenting coordination, and is the current president of The Parenting Coordinators Association of New York. It is Peter's ongoing goal to find ways that judges can benefit from information gathering without litigants having to spend massive amounts of money on costly custody evaluations that do not provide scientifically grounded information and which only add to the already stressful process of divorces where custody of the kids is at issue,

Peter maintains offices in Port Washington, NY, New Yor City, New York and London, UK. He can be reached at or by phone at 516.883.5747.